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Sheet music "Three Etudes for Solo Trumpet" and
"Phrygian Phantasy for 6 Trumpets" 
now available at Editions Bim!


Idaho State University's first band concert of the season happening October 5th. The program will include Andy Scott's "Freedom of Movement," Charles Ives's “Country Band March," Todd Goodman’s “Incandescent,” and more.

Students will study and perform side-by-side in the historic W.K. Kellogg Auditorium with BBBC resident conductor Michael Garasi and world-class artists from the Brass Band of Battle Creek!

This lecture will discuss the complicated, years-long process of gaining mastery in the highly structured medium of jazz and explore ways in which jazz improvisation can lend to a broader understanding of learning, achieving mastery, and becoming an innovator. Event to be held in person and online.

DownBeat Magazine 2020

DownBeat Magazine, Volume 87, Number 4

Efficiency is a long term process...and is essentially determined by how good your technique is. It typically takes months of thoughtful practice to develop great efficiency.

Rex will be appearing as a guest artist with the Richmond Pops Band, along with Charlie Kinzer on June 19th.